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Kanalzug aus der berühmten SSL 4000 E Serie.

Legendary SSL XLogic E Signature Superanalog Vintage Input Channel with Listen mic compressor. Rare and highly sought after.

E-Signature Channel gives you the legendary sound of the SL 4000E

console in a single rackspace! The XLogic E Signature Channel delivers a

front end with the versatility and flexibility to capture and enhance

any musical performance that needs a distinctive \'vintage\' character.

Throughout the \'80s, Solid State Logic\'s SL 4000E console was

responsible for percussion tracks that jumped out of speakers - a sound

found on records ranging from Phil Collins to Skid Row. More recently,

Radio Head purchased 4 \"E Signature Channels\" to capture the classic SSL

sound when performing live and tracking to their DAW.

SSL XLogic E-Signature Channel at a Glance:

Selectable Transformer, or Variable Harmonic Distortion (VHD) Mic Amps
Class A VCA Dynamics processing
Renowned SSL \"Listen Mic\' Compressor
SSL E-Series Brown and Black knob EQ profiles
Optional 192kHz ADC card.
Selectable Transformer
The XLogic E Signature Channel brings the classic sound of the original
nearly 80s E Series console to the outboard rack of today\'s artists and
nproducers. The E Signature Channel delivers the choice of selectable
ntransformer driven or Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) mic preamps. The new
E Signature Channel uses modern discrete electronic circuits to emulate
components that are long obsolete, such as the original E Series \'Class A\' VCAs.

The Input section contains two completely independent
mic preamps together with an electronically balanced line input with its
own gain control. The primary Mic preamp is a classic transformer
coupled design using the same Jensen component as the original E-Series
channel strips. The second option is engaged via the ON switch. This
replaces the original preamp with a brand new Super Analogue
electronically balanced design with SSL\'s unique variable harmonic drive
circuitry. This unique preamp precisely emulates the overload
characteristics of a traditional valve/tube design but with the ability
to tailor the warmth or musicality via the DRIVE control. This shapes
the overload curve to provide a user-controlled blend of 2nd or 3rd
harmonic distortion. Both preamps share a passive front end with a
switchable 20dB Input Pad and phantom powering.

Class A VCA Dynamics
The dynamics section returns faithfully to circuit and key components which
defined the characteristic sound of the original E-Series channel strip
and which was lost in subsequent versions of the design when both the
VCA and converter were replaced, subtly altering the characteristic of
the circuit. A true RMS converter is used in the side chain and the gain
element is an all-discrete design identical to circuit of the Class A
VCA chip used in the original unit. The compressor contains additional
switching options to defeat the over easy curve and to use a linear
release instead of the more usual logarithmic curve. The result is a
compressor with three distinct voicings, all of which contributed to the
many classic records tracked and mixed on early E-Series consoles.

Das Gerät weist die normalen optischen Gebrauchsspuren für ein Vintagegerät auf.


- SSL E-Signature Channel


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